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— Welcome to the website of the sales of pasta for the residents! Pasta gluten free buy. In the online mode, you can easily choose and buy profitable pasta inexpensive, comparing the characteristics of the varieties. For you it is very convenient and profitable to buy together with relatives and colleagues. By the way, with this purchase are individual discounts. Take advantage of the bonus and make an online application now. Come, choose a courier will deliver pasta to the specified address. Leave a review about the quality of service, you will be grateful to the visitors of the site. Pasta is often present on our table as a side dish. Originally from Italy, this dish has spread around the world. A pasta maker price. Production of pasta in a large assortment gives a wide scope for imagination: what unusual and delicious can please yourself and loved ones for dinner?

Types of pasta

What are the pasta? How to understand? Distinguish the grade and class of the pasta. Distinguish between pasta varieties A, B and C. grade a is made from the traditional production of pasta flour durum wheat. Dishes from cereals legumes and pasta. In such flour more protein, respectively, higher and nutritional value. Pasta varieties produced from B vysokotekhnologichnoi flour soft wheat. For the manufacture of products grown special varieties of soft wheat. Pasta varieties are made of ordinary baking flour. The class of pasta is determined by the grade of flour from which pasta is made. The price of products may vary significantly, depending on this indicator. Pasta 1 class made from flour of the highest grade, 2 class-from flour 1 grade. Pasta whole wheat to buy. In addition to the standard components in the dough for the manufacture of pasta can make flavor or nutritional supplements. The name of the product will always reflect the content of such additives, for example, "egg noodles first class". Based on this, you can pick up pasta to your taste.

The shape of the pasta

you can buy pasta of various shapes in the online store. However, all this diversity is subject to classification. In form, all pasta are divided into tubular, threadlike, ribbon-shaped and figured. Tubular pasta is sold in the form of tubes of different lengths and diameters. It can be directly pasta (simple tube), horns and feathers. Threadlike is a thin pasta of varying lengths and diameters: gossamer, thin, average, Amateur. Flour for pasta to buy. Pasta is like noodles. Flat and wide ribbons can be double or single, smooth or bent. Ribbon-shaped noodles are also produced in the form of bows. The most interesting are, of course, shaped pasta, which can be stamped in the form of anything: shells, spirals, pigtails, leaves, stars, gears, letters, rings and more. Different pasta shapes are used for different dishes. Buy suitable products can be here in the store: a wide selection of products of various shapes will please any hostess.


Why is pasta so popular? It's simple: they combine low price and nutritional value, are well stored and are used in a variety of culinary recipes. Dishes from cereals legumes and pasta. In fact, pasta is needed for soup, used as a side dish, can be a component of salad, you can even make a sweet casserole. A really versatile dish.

Buying in bulk

Another advantage of pasta — they are long (up to two years) stored, and do not require any special conditions. Therefore, buy pasta wholesale-it is profitable. If you doubt that alone will overcome the whole party, it is always possible to cooperate with friends and neighbors. Pasta eat everything, so stock up on this product will not be superfluous. Why do we have? First, it is inexpensive. Pasta weight price. The specifics of the online store is that you do not need to rent retail space, all goods are stored in stock. Wholesale purchases on the Internet can significantly save. Secondly, it is convenient. No need to arrange transport, deal with the loading and unloading of goods. Our experts will deliver pasta to the specified address on time. Another important factor — a huge selection of goods. Among all variety of production you surely will pick up that ratio of the price and quality, grade, a class and a form which will suit you.

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How to buy the pasta?

In order to buy pasta, you must apply online. Select a variety, specify the quantity. Next, leave fill in all the fields of the feedback form. Pasta products to buy. In automatic mode, according to the specified algorithm, the site will calculate the size of your discount and show the final price. Polite pasta seller will call you on the phone to confirm the order. Fast courier will deliver pasta at the specified address, at a convenient time for you. Delicious pasta in Navy style!

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